Looking for a mechanic for prestigious, modern, commercial, motorhome, vintage or classic vehicles, look no further, you have found one of the most professional, knowledgeable & versatile mechanics. As MD of SWC having 18 vehicles Rolls Royce, prestige small & modern cars, commercial vehicles, & a motorhome. Having over 40 years experience dealing with garages, JMC Autos has been one of the best companies I have had the pleasure to deal with. Servicing my vehicles, pointing out issues & problems other mechanics have never raised. Our cars & commercials are now totally reliable & trustworthy, since using JMC Autos possible issues are intercepted prior to arising. Jamie’s knowledge and experience has meant that whether doing electronics on one of our modern cars, or working on one of my vintage cars he has been able to resolve and repair any issue. Whether you have one vehicle, running a fleet of cars/commercials, any Motorhome the prices are extremely fair & competitive.
NeilA- 92